Mobile Listing Service Captures Cell Phone Leads

-Text message service increases lead capture value, while decreasing time wasted-

Orlando, FL (1/26/09) -Instant cell phone access to property listing information, including photos and video, is now available through Realty Video USA. The text message marketing program, called Mobile Listing Service, is designed to meet the increasing demand from potential buyers for instant listing information. When Mobile Listing Service users send a text message to the short code assigned to the listing, they receive instant text response with pertinent information about the property, as well as links to photos and video associated with the listing (Text MLS 555 to 48696 for a demo). The agent is immediately sent an email and text message containing their phone number for future follow up. Using the short code on signs, print ads, flyers and more, Mobile Listing Service actually provides the brokerage with a more measurable form of advertising than ever before, which is essential in today’s market.

Realty Video USA’s co-founder Stephen Schweickart says the strength their new Mobile Listing Service program lies in its availability to offer both a quick response to the consumer, as well as a hot lead capture solution to agents. To learn more, visit

Mobile Listing Service is a division of Realty Video USA, which offers a wide variety of specialized video content and services for the real estate industry, ranging from educational videos for agents to consumer interest videos designed to enhance agent's and broker's websites.

For more information, email Realty Video USA at, or call at 866.720.0204.